When students have access to math practice designed just for them, there’s no limit to what they’ll discover—and what they can achieve. Explore the new math growth solution from Renaissance that’s taking student achievement to new heights.

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The world's largest annual survey of K–12 reading habits.



Get in-depth insight into elementary students’ development with curriculum-based measures for reading and mathematics.

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Guide more growth for every student using the most comprehensive K–12 interim and formative assessment suite available—universal screening, progress monitoring, and goal-setting data to move every student forward.

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Star Reading and Star Math are highly rated by the National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII) for academic screening and progress monitoring.


Renaissance is the leader in pre-K—12 assessment and practice software. Renaissance helps educators like you ensure that all students reach their full potential. When using Renaissance, you will understand where your students are currently at in the state learning progression, what they need to learn next, and have access to instruction and practice tools to get them to the next level.


Working together to support your students during unexpected school closures. Renaissance provides digital solutions to assist students and families learning from home.

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Schoolzilla joins Renaissance!

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Freckle has joined Renaissance!

Renaissance is strengthening student-centered, teacher-driven differentiation in math, social studies, science, and ELA with the addition of Freckle.

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Star 360


Discover how schools and districts nationwide are unlocking their students’ true potential with Renaissance.

Download What Kids Are Reading

The 2023 edition of the world's largest annual study of K–12 student reading habits is now available!

ACT & SAT Benchmark Tool

Check your students' progress toward ACT and SAT college readiness benchmarks as early as grade 6 with this free, interactive tool.


Live and On-Demand Webinars

Delve into the latest research, best practices, and expert advice on literacy, assessment, personalized learning, and more.

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